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We carry out

Transport in the following countries: Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain.

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machinery moving

Handling machinery for industry with indoor cranes

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trucks for special loads

Extra-low trailer for handling goods trucks and large-size machinery

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Our firm has operated in crane truck haulage for over 30 years and ribbed truck and trailer haulage for more than 10. We provide a national and international haulage service within the European Union and special oversize load transportation nation-wide in Italy.

Our vehicle fleet includes:
  • Trucks with 9,500 kg capacity crane, max load height 2 m, 5.60 m bed
  • Trucks with 10,000 kg capacity crane and low-bed container trailer, 30 cm ground clearance, max load height 2 m, length 5.10 m.
  • Maxi-volume raise-drop, slide-over/off ribbed semi-trailers
  • 3-ton lift trucks
  • Maxi-volume raise-drop, slide-over/off ribbed truck-trailers without crane
  • Trucks with 11,000 kg capacity crane and trailer, max load height 2 m, all with low 1 m ground clearance and quick slide-off frame
  • 8-ton self-powered crane trucks for indoor use
  • Special vehicle with rear hydraulic ramp for transporting lift and tractor units
Truck carriage

Weekly transport in Germany

We transport throughout GERMANY by truck and truck and semi-trailer. We provide a weekly haulage service to areas in eastern and western Germany such as: Leipzic, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Kassel, Hof, Nurnberg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt

Specialized in the handling of safes, industrial machinery (for printing, for textile, for workshops) and fork lift trucks (front, retractable, pickers)

Excellent prices and service quality
Quick deliveries. Goods insured against all risks